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Our Jetskis

Our Yamaha Jet Skis Our BRAND NEW 2016 Yamaha VX110 Wave Runners are Yamaha’s most dependable water crafts. They allow for 3 passengers and go up to 60 mph. They also have a 4 stroke engine and are very fuel efficient. Our Yamahas are the cruisers, which feature a more comfortable seat, aligned with padding to help you have a more enjoyable ride. These jet skis are equipped with cruise control which is great for wakeboarding and skiing to maintain speed. To further enhance your time on the lake, a tube is available for you and your family for a small fee. The kids especially enjoy riding the waves on the water!  .

*If this is your first time, please go to our safety tab and read the safety precautions when operating a jet ski. Our super friendly employees will also show you step-by-step instructions, as well as answer any questions that you may have.

Riding a jet ski is enjoyable and will provide great memories for you and your family!