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Safety is our #1 Concern

Georgia Law beginning on July 1, 2014 requires every driver of a vessel with 10 horsepower or more to complete a Vessel Rental Certification course approved by toh Georgia Law Enforcement Division. This video is located at or may be viewed at our office. Please call our office for further information at 706-816-0166 or 706-816-9676. No one may rent from us without viewing this 10 minute video and receiving a Vessel Rental Certification Card issued from our office. 

Personal Flotation Device image

All riders MUST wear a PFD (Personal Floatation Device).

Attach the shut off cord image

We check for fuel and oil leaks before and after each use of our equipment.

shut off cord

Attach the shut off cord to your left wrist so that the jet ski engine will turn off if you fall into the water. The engine will not start if the clip is removed from the switch.

increase speed image

To Start the engine: Push the green button to start and the red button to stop the engine.

Steering control

Squeeze the throttle lever to increase speed or release the lever to slow down to idle speed.


Steering control depends on the direction of the handlebar and the amount of throttle. Do not release the throttle lever when trying to steer away from objects-you need the throttle to steer.


Collisions result in more injuries and deaths than any other type of accident for personal watercraft. Ride within your limits and avoid aggressive maneuvers. Sharp turns or jumping wakes or waves can increase the risk of injury. Do not jump boat wakes or cross the path of oncoming boats or watercraft.

Constantly scan image

Constantly scan for people, objects, and other watercraft. Be alert for conditions that limit your visibility or block your vision from others. Operate at safe speeds and keep a safe distance away from people, objects, and other watercrafts.

NO breaks image

Watercraft and other boats do not have brakes. TO STOP: Release the throttle lever (let go of the gas) and coast to a stop. Remember you have no steering control when the engine is stopped.

flipping image

If you flip the jet ski completely over, swim to the rear and upright it by turning it clockwise ONLY. Look for the label and picture on the back of the jet ski to remind you of the correct procedures.

Low fuel image

If fuel level is low, the fuel level indicator begins to blink. If this occurs, refill the tank as soon as possible. To access the reserve fuel supple, turn the knob to reserve position.

Practice safe boating

Know the applicable boating laws.
Yamaha recommends the operator to be at least 16 years of age.
A boating safety course is recommended but is not required.
Never ride after consuming drugs or alcohol.

Georgia Boating laws

Please review the Georgia Boating Laws for 2014 on their website,

Yamaha JetSki additional safety information